Purity is falling~~:)

The 1st of the year 2007 It’s the first snow fall to remember in 2007 and it’s calming as it falls so gentle. There’s many that are struggling to get home and I hope they all do safely. As I sit in front of the fire and think about those …

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Cirlce of Hope

A friend with a son~~ Yesterday a man with a son in Iraq helped me make a major move in my life. Denny has a son in Fallujah and we talked about the upcoming ride across the country. I hope that his son has the opportunity of putting his “hope” …

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Schools on board

Hope that all students will come on board with their hope! Congresswomen Betty McCullom has been contacted by NASA and they found her excited about giving the students in Minnesota an opportunity to put their hopes on paper and into space. She’s also indicated that an attempt to contact the …

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Into the schools

All the public schools It’s the end of the work week for me and I have some great news. After presenting myself to Congresswoman McCullom I’ve been received with an excitement to offer all the public school kids the opportunity of putting their hopes and dreams on paper and sending …

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So very good~~~~~~~

Defining a “flashback” Today gave a true meaning to “going home”! Early this evening I dropped into Hayden Heights playground and what made it so great was the fact that I used to skate there when I was 7:) As I walked into the office I was met by a …

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Welcome in:)

Now walk with me as I tell the story. As of today I can tell all that have the hope for a better tomorrow, that I’m doing my best. I had the opportunity of presenting myself to the Minnesota National Guard this week and was received with open arms. I’m …

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Going back

I’ve reached the hearts far away. I’m taking this time to start giving those with hope, the opportunity of walking with me through the coming months.