Working up to the big day

The ride does not start until May 28, 2007, which seems like forever or a minute away, depending on what I am doing. There are tons of things to get done. I will begin writing in earnest when the ride starts. I hope you all write a letter, contribute and …

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Ride with me

I’m writing in black on white because that’s just what I’m hoping that many will see with the problem. It’s hunger in “America”! I’ve approached the local food banks here in Minnesota but both met me with “it’s a project too big for us to handle”! I was directed to “Feeding America” in Chicago but my intention was either lost or disgarded. So I’ve toned down my desire to put it within the reach of my home town and state of Minnesota. I’ll come back after presenting myself once again to Secone Harvest the oraganization responsible for feeding “Minnesota”!

We will use this blog to record our thoughts along the way; people we meet, preparations for the ride, and so much more!
After the ride begins, check back daily to read about our progress across this great country. We’ll meet lots of new friends, see lots of beautiful landscape and share our hope! Gary and Joan