Ride with me

I’m writing in black on white because that’s just what I’m hoping that many will see with the problem. It’s hunger in “America”! I’ve approached the local food banks here in Minnesota but both met me with “it’s a project too big for us to handle”! I was directed to “Feeding America” in Chicago but my intention was either lost or disgarded. So I’ve toned down my desire to put it within the reach of my home town and state of Minnesota. I’ll come back after presenting myself once again to Secone Harvest the oraganization responsible for feeding “Minnesota”!

We will use this blog to record our thoughts along the way; people we meet, preparations for the ride, and so much more!
After the ride begins, check back daily to read about our progress across this great country. We’ll meet lots of new friends, see lots of beautiful landscape and share our hope! Gary and Joan

I was honored!

Close to the Heavens My apologies for not writing sooner but I’ve been so busy scanning all the letters of hope and making arrangements for them to be taken into space.  But the scanning job is finished.  A copy of the digital stick has been sent to Houston and received …

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So much “Hope”

Taught by a child ~~~ With the realization that I haven’t written in some time, I send my apologies!  But I’ve been filling my heart with the written hopes of the children down the street.  And up the street for that matter because I’m speaking of the letters I’ve received …

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The kids in St. Paul

Saved the Best for Last! It’s been a couple of weeks since I spoke last but I wanted to see how things worked out.  I spoke at 9 of the Elementary Schools here in St. Paul and gave another 2,000 kids that opportunity to put their hopes on paper and …

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The finishing touch ~~

My Home Town Children! This past week was more than great as I spoke with a couple thousand elementary school children here in my home town of St. Paul.  I started on Monday at Farnsworth Elementary where they have the aerospace technology and it was a great place to begin.  …

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An exciting week ahead!

Going back to childhood:) Today I’m preparing to talk with thousand of children in my home town of St. Paul Minnesota.  I scheduled a week off from work to talk with all the kids possible in my home town and I’m anxious to put a smile on the kids faces …

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Still reason to celebrate ~~

Now there’s the Big 3 I hope everyone had a great Christmas Holiday and celebrated with friends and family!  Joan and I are always grateful when we see the family together.    As for my mention of the Big 3 I’m excited to tell you that there’s been communication between …

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Christmas is almost here:)

It’s a White Christmas in Minnesota   It’s almost Christmas when the world reflects on the goodness that shines in the hearts of all the children.  And there’s a calm throughout the world as we celebrate the birth of Christ.  It’s so ironic that so many things have kept religion …

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Letters to Santa will be redirected after the New Year begins ~~ Only 10 days before Santa comes to the children with all the things they’ve asked for and hopefully their eyes will light up as they celebrate Christmas:)  But after we celebrate the birth of Christ we’ll look beyond …

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The Season approaches ~!~

Even Santa has hope ~~ The little child in my heart is anticipating the coming of Christmas but not for the toys that set the children’s eyes a glow but for the hope in their hearts.  I truly believe that my home town is about to offer a gift to …

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