Purity is falling~~:)

The 1st of the year 2007

It’s the first snow fall to remember in 2007 and it’s calming as it falls so gentle. There’s many that are struggling to get home and I hope they all do safely. As I sit in front of the fire and think about those around the world that don’t have the comfort, I once again give thanks. As I watch the happenings around the world I think of tonights cover as a blanket. Something to protect and keep people at home where they’re safe and sound.
In just a few days the 3 years of planning for the upcoming bicycle trip will become 3 months and there’s still some major factors to think about. We’re asking Denny Hecker to use his business sense and acquaintences, along with the “hope” in his heart, to find an RV that my wife can use for her road management and as a roof over our heads this summer. Stay tuned for the results on that note. And I’ve presented myself to Minnesota Public Radio to help get the word out this summer that everyone is invited to send their “letter of hope” into the heavens. Again I’ll wait for word from those responsible for making the decision of whether our hope is worthy of their support. About tomorrow, I’m taking the day off to share with friends and relatives that I haven’t seen in years. I’m so excited to share the stories of years gone by and dreams of those to come!

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