So very good~~~~~~~

Defining a “flashback”

Today gave a true meaning to “going home”! Early this evening I dropped into Hayden Heights playground and what made it so great was the fact that I used to skate there when I was 7:) As I walked into the office I was met by a new friendly face with a desk top in front of him. I asked for him to pull up my web site. He looked at it and then at me and smiled. Didn’t get his name but I’ll see him soon I’m sure but I just wanted to tell him that after 40 years out in the world, I’m back home. I just bought the house my uncle and aunt brought 10 kids up in. It’s a block away from where I grew up! To the kid at the desk, it was nice to meet you and now that you know where I live, we’ll catch ya later!

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