The Pioneer Press of St. Paul

There was no answer?

Today I made the time to approach the Pioneer Press. It’s my home town newspaper. The last time I road to President Bush in 1989, I had the help of Don Boxmeyer to run an article in the Pioneer Press to let the town aware of what I was about to do. Thanks Don again. I was a little dissappointed today though. I was met by a receptionist that had been with the paper for 25 years and asked how to get a form to fill out for a “press release”? She had never heard of such a thing but had me call the news room. When I did I got an answering service which baffled the receptionist as well. She told me someone always answers that phone! I did leave a message with the editor explaining what I was there for and hopefully she’ll call me back. I was going to go to the Star Tribune but thought I owed the Pioneer Press first for their help in 1989. I did receive a great email today when I came home. I had spoken with Jennifer Dunn who’s the aid to Councilmember

Lee Helgen a short time ago requesting an opportunity to present my endeavor to the City Council of St. Paul. I’d presented myself to the council before heading to Washington D.C. in 1989 and wanted their “resulution” of support for the upcoming ride across the country. She’s setting it up for the 4th of April. I’m anxious to present something positive to all present. It’s seldom that they have the opportunity to listen to someone that isn’t having a problem of some sort. I enjoy putting a smile on the faces of the people I meet along the way of whatever I’m doing:)) I’ll let you know how it goes~~

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