To those of all ages

Tomorrow I could retire but~~~

Tomorrow marks a day of reflection on all of those things that have made my life so full. From growing up with 5 sisters and learning from my father, the meaning of respect, to finding answers with the hard things in life. The hard lessons remain longer but I’ve grown from it all and thank God for each and every day.

One thing that I’ve found are the lessons I’m being tought by the children. So many of our older generation worry too much but some of that concern is understandable. When we look at the world around us we fear for our children. For the men and women that are serving to protect the lives that we’re grateful for. For all that haven’t found that piece of the sky. But don’t worry. Just watch the chidren and protect them until they can teach.
When I awake I’ll be 55 and hoping for a great day. I’ll arise with my wife and as we gaze in one another’s eyes and look to the skies, we’ll smile and begin but another day! We wish you our best!

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