A Day Closer

That kid in me~~

Well tomorrow brings me exactly 30 days from driving into Seattle WA to begin what I hope will be something special in the eyes of our children. Or everyone for that matter. I’ve got the kid inside that tells me this is going to be really hard and the hope in my heart that I find the strength. But I started this way back in 1989 when I headed to Washington D.C. to deliver the letters to President Bush. And back then I found strength with each and everyone that touched my life in the towns I bicycled through. And I remember the stories so well from so many. So this one is going to be easy in my mind. It might be a little harder on my body as I’ve reached 55 but I just keep thinking about the lives that will be touched with the hope that I carry and I can’t imagine anything but smiles as I ride and stop to talk. When was the last time someone stopped you on the street, asked you to put your hopes on paper, and you knew that those thoughts were going to be sent into the heavens? Literally. It’ll never happen again so for all of those reading my blogs and following me as I cross the nation, make sure you stop someone on the road and offer them the opportunity. Sleep well! I will:)

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