The gas has been supplied

Another worry gone!

  Today’s a great day!  My National President has just covered the fuel for the RV on our trip across the nation.  That was a worry that’s now gone and something that gave me evidence that I’m not only representing my brother and sister letter carriers around the country, but my national organization as well.  I’ll still remain fixed on just everyone with hope in their hearts.  Now it’s just a matter of having them put that hope on paper so I can put them into space and the heavens.  I’ve got to comment on what “crunch time” is all about though.  We leave in 2 days and were still wondering how we were going to be able to pay for gas out to Seattle WA and back.  Let alone to Washington D.C. for the second leg of the trip.  Now I’ve found a peace and automatically have more strength in my heart.  My personal thanks to the NALC.  Again I’m proud to be part of an organization with hope in their heart.

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