Another mile down

Sunshine in Miles City

Another day that turned out with sunshine and more good people.  I just had the privilege of speaking with Joe Boushee, an editor with the Miles City Star.  It’s always great to sit down and talk with those that have it within their power to get the word out to the good folk in the towns we stay in.  Joe and I were talking about how we’d have reacted to someone asking us to put our hopes into space when we were kids and laughter came easily:)  We’d have jumped at the chance!  So he’s anxious to give the kids in Miles City a chance to put their hope into space.  Mission accomplished!  Thanks Joe for being a man with a heart of gold.
  We’ll be heading into the realms of nothing tomorrow with miles to ride and nothing inbetween.  I don’t even know if we’ll have access to the Internet for a couple of days but I promise you all that we’ll catch up when we’re able.  Until then, keep passing the word to all you know that I want their hope on paper so I can send that hope into the heavens.  Thanks

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