In one week….

In one short week from now we’ll be winging our way back home to St. Paul…

It’s been very hot and humid this week and we’ve been doing some re-routing along the way—-let’s just say Pennsylvania is incredibly hilly and our goal is for Gary to still be alive in a week. So, thanks to John in Pittsburgh, we’ve been using the Allegheny Passage Bike Trail….which is basically a flat rails to trails route. It’s meant some creativity on my part to follow Gary, but it’s much easier riding for him. Today we parked Betsy at a trailhead and we both rode quite a ways before I let Gary finish the day.

We’re heading into Gettysburg tomorrow and taking Sunday off before heading into Harrisburg on Monday. Then we’ll be getting back to a different bike trail to head into Maryland.

It’s amazing to think this incredible journey is almost over! It’s been a journey of so many different facets and I know it will take some time to process all of it.

There have been things we’ve given up this summer, but we’ve BEEN given so much in return—-in the people we’ve met, the countryside we’ve seen, the hope we’ve witnessed, and most of all for me, the time I’ve gotten to spend with Gary. It’s been a time of deep conversations, many laughs, a few tears, and so much love that I can’t put it into words 🙂

A week from right now we’ll be on an airplane winging our way home. I’m looking forward to my own bed, seeing my kitty and getting back to playing the piano. But even though the actual physical ride is over, our journey of hope is far from over!

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