Good friends are for keeps.

Old friends and New Ones ~~~

I got a nice email from Ernie Hase who’s an old friend that has watched me go through life for the past 25 years and his remark was that he’s proud of me. Though it’s not coming from Dad it means just as much. I’ll try and make you proud big guy!
I just wanted to let anyone following me along my journey to know that from time to time, “Sometimers” kicks in and I repeat myself so bear with me. I’m anxious for so many things to piece themselves together with my endeavor now. I presented myself to a big organization this week. Harley Davidson! I know they’re known as some tough individuals but I also know they have hope in their hearts because I met some fine riders from St. Cloud this past summer at the MDA camp at Camp Courage. There’s a lot of Harley groups that connect with those less fortunate all the time to lend a hand and I applaud their efforts!! There was another reason for approaching them though. I might need a pull up a mountain this summer! I’ll look forward to their involvement in helping me gather some more hope for a better tomorrow! It’s going to be a busy day so until later, keep the faith!

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