To all of America with hope and a bicycle!

I wish to invite all of you~~
I want to make it clear to all that become involved with my efforts to gather the hopes of America that I would love to come to know you. They’ll be many miles between Seattle WA and Washington D.C. and I want to welcome anyone along the way to ride with me if you’ve got the time. I’d also like to invite the towns in which I travel through, to use my efforts to contribute to their own communities. If you need a fundraising vehicle to benefit anything at all in your town, you know the day I’ll be traveling through so just hook up and let’s make this beneficial to your town and those with a need. If you do choose to join me as I travel through your town or state, please contact my wife Joan and let her know. She’s my road management and will have the constant contact with everyone. She can be reached by writing back to me where you see “Contact Gary”

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