A Ladder of respect

6 individuals with hope

It’s ben almost 20 years since I was last allowed the privilege of presenting myself to the St. Paul City Council. Back when a lot of kids asked me to take their letters to the President and I accepted the responsiblity. Seems like another lifetime. But once again I’ll be presenting myself to the men and women that fill our lives with a balance. Or do their very best to make some hard decisions. Well this one will be the easiest part of their day and I’m scheduled to be the close of it so I only hope that I leave them with smiles to take home to their families:) I just got my first biking shirt with some bold lettering that says “Hope in America”! And it’s so easy to ask that they take the hope in their hearts and document it period. I’ll also have some favors to request but when it comes to just giving from your heart, I can’t imagine anything but a smile in return. And once again I’ll present myself with dignity and pride to those individuals that are more than rulers of the land. They’re those men and women that have to look into their own hearts and make decisions ~~ you’ve heart it said, someone has to do it ~~~. Thanks City Council for being there.

I’ll let America know how it goes!

I’ve got another thing on my mind. I put the letter from the Minnesota National Guard on my web page that indicates that public relations in Iraq has been notified about this summer and my endeavor. I’m not sure how yet but I’ve got to ensure that those protecting my freedom to ride put their hopes down for me. If I can give them nothing more, I need to give them my thanks and my heart and just ask for a piece of theirs. And again, I’ll let everyone know that I’ve touched beyond our borders to those protecting them.
Sleep well! I hope to~~~

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