It’s time to begin


I started this week with an invitation from Jason Davis and channel 5 to do a story on the upcoming endeavor. Because they asked for an exclusive on the story I had to so no. This isn’t about my story but about the hope in every heart. I’m just a vehicle to gather what’s been there since the start of time. The Hope that has carried us through the good time and the bad times. The ups and downs that create a balance in our lives. That balance has been lost. But it”s soon to be regained. After speaking with retired astronaut Bonnie Dunbar in Seattle WA I realized that the discs which these letters will be transferred to, cannot be left in space for discover because it could create a disaster for any other space craft. So we’re asking the United States Post Office and NASA to take them into space period. We’ll accomplish the same goal. To exhibit a unity amongst all mankind with the hope in their hearts for a better world for our children and their children. If they’re brought back to earth it will only be to give concrete evidence to all that have joined us with their hope, that it’s the one thing in our lives that we can forever depend on. And all of those responsible for those hopes going into space to begin with.

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