First day done!

It was a long day, but a good one….

We were up very early this morning with lots of excitement and anticipation to greet our day. We headed over to the Queen Anne Post Office at 9:30am and met with JoAnn and her crew from Branch 79—great people!! Then the media started to arrive. We had no idea what to expect, but the coverage should be great—-lots of crews there. Matt Norbut was also with us to shoot some footage to be used in a documentary. As we left the post office, he rode with me. Took us a while to find Gary since he took off very quickly and we hadn’t really figured out exactly where to meet him down in the pier area. Finally “found” him and Channel 5 got some more footage. Then we hooked up with the bike path to take him over the floating bridge and Matt followed him on a skateboard shooting. He said he got some great footage!!

Finally it was just the two of us. We had to drive in the RV from Mercer Island to Issaquah and then Gary could ride on the highway again. The hills were some work, and going down was very fast. It’s also a bit scary on the freeway, so we’re exploring trying to find more back roads to be able to take. We had a wonderful lunch at Gordy’s in North Bend—-thanks Carol!!!!! We met a couple from Minnesota who we chatted with, and turns out they have a nephew who works for one of the largest radio stations in Montana and she gave us his number. Yet another instance of the world getting smaller. We had also been having a little trouble with the RV and Carol from Gordy’s gave us the name and number of some very helpful people—-Cascade Diesel—-Karen and Mark, you guys rock too!!

We were supposed to overnight in Snoqualmie Pass which looks like a town on the map, but isn’t—at least not so I could figure out. So we drove on a few miles and we’re at a very quaint RV park just west of Easton. Tomorrow we’ll have a majority of back roads available, so the biking should be a little calmer.

We’re on the road, we’re getting the word out, and WE WANT YOUR HOPE!!!!!

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