Second day on the road

Finally some level ground

Well finally getting a chance to put down some thoughts and it’s because I’ve got some energy at the end of this riding day. Although
I didn’t climb the complete Snoqualmie Pass I did get a good taste for the Cascade Mountains. What frightened me a bit was the ride down.
I hit almost 35 mph and had all I could do to keep my eyes on the road as I was so conscious of the things in the road. But today was so much easier. We got off Hwy 90 and I was able to work the back roads with little traffic which made it enjoyable. I spent the majority of the ride following a beautiful river that looked so majestic.
Although I only spent about 4 hours on the bike it’s a break-in period the way I perceive it. My legs are getting stronger and my back is fine after the fusion I had in December. The butt is the only thing that I have to say “hurt” too much.
I’ve got to tell the world how happy I am that I have my wife Joan with me on this adventure:) She’s such a blessing with all she does. Everything from keeping me on the right roads, to just the smile when she pulls over to wait for me.
We’re in Ellensburg now and I had the opportunity of speaking with Andrew Perron, the supervisor of the Post Office. He assured me that he’ll do all within his power to get the word out to Ellensburg that we want their “hope” on paper. So the day is completed and now we can rest.
And I’ve got to thank all of the good people in Seattle WA. They met us with open hearts and sent us off in a special way. 4 TV stations giving us the coverage we wanted to let Seattle know we need their hope. And a couple of radio stations to help as well. Thank you Seattle for providing me with a very fond memory. Now it’s a matter of spreading the word everywhere we touch so all of America will have the opportunity of putting their hope into the hands of the heavens!

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