Last meeting

Saying Good bye to my brothers and sisters

Last night I had the chance to say good bye to my letter carrier brother and sisters and tell them that I’ll do my best to represent them to the best of my ability.  I want to thank Chris for taking the endeavor into Wisconsin today and to Mark for setting things up on his end.  Just having these brilliant minds working with me to gather the hopes of America gives me pride in what I’m about to undertake.  And I’m finally getting responses from people all over the country asking how they can help.  I’d like to thank the Postal Record for informing all my fellow carriers around the country of what’s about to happen.  I’ve gotten calls and emails from everyone from Moose Lake WA to Albany NY.  And that pretty much encompasses America. 
  So now I’m getting a little nervous to leave St. Paul and head for Seattle WA.  Joan and I have stops to make along the way with people on board with this endeavor.  Those that can help us get the word out to everyone that it’s time to put their hope on paper and send those hopes beyond the touch of mankind.  Almost everything is ready to go although there’s still some pieces missing.  AC in the RV for one but that we can deal with.  We’ve got enough funds to get us our to Seattle and back to the cities but still have to work to get the second leg of the trip covered.  But God willing all those missing pieces will fall into place.  Right now I’m thinking of all the school kids that are so excited about following us along this summer through our blog.  Knowing that their Letter of Hope is going to reach the heavens in time.
  Being down to 5 days and a wake up, I’m not sure if I’ll be writing again before we get on the road.  But anyone wanting to climb aboard our magic carpet and ride with us this summer is more than welcome on board.  Joan and I are just a couple of good people doing what we can to give all of you a better tomorrow to look forward to!  We promise to do our BEST!

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