At the Ball Park

Batter up~~

Last night I had the privilege of throwing out the first pitch at the Saints opener here in Minnesota.  They showed my Letter of Hope on the big screen and it gave me a little more pub on what I’m doing.  But that’s not why I’m writing today. 
  I’ve only 8 days before Joan and I head to Seattle WA to begin the summer of riding across America and gathering documented hopes of all.  And I’m anxious to get there.  This summer is going to do so many things for all we meet along the way and for myself as well.  It’s something that’s going to allow me the opportunity of actually witnessing the hope in so many hearts.  So many different ways of life and the people that hold hope dear to them.  I’m talking about those that don’t have enough food to feed themselves and children.  Put roofs over their heads.  Are in fear of losing those dear to them which includes catastophic diseases and families that have their loved ones fighting in Iraq and around the globe.  And I’m sure I’ll meet those concerned with the globe in general. 
  I’ve recently spoken with AARP and they spoke of their concern with health care for those that cannot afford it.  They’ve got some great things going on this summer to insure that health benefits for all this summer and are wondering if we can partner somewhere in America along my way to Washington D.C.?  I’ll tell everyone right now, that if you have a concern about anything that has a need for more than hope, I’ll do my best to support the work so many are doing to make our lives more secure and safe.  The only thing that I have to keep my eye on is that no individual uses my effort to benefit themselves.  My National Association of Letter Carriers will be using my effort to raise more funds to benefit MDA but that was with my permission and they’ve been a sponsor since I was 1 year old. 
  I don’t know if I’ll be commenting on many things until Joan and I actually leave Minnesota and begin our trip to Seattle WA to begin this endeavor.  But let it be known that we will have a daily blog about the people we meet, the hope we see, and the places we cross.  I’m anxious to begin my little effort to make this a better world and to give evidence to my creator that we deserve to be heard.  This time we’re putting our hope on paper so it will be documented in time forever!

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