Talking about the ride on the air!

WCCO and me~~~

Well the day presented sunshine and a call from WCCO radio. I had plans to talk with Don Shelby on friday but something came up so they asked if I could make it today or tomorrow? Because I’ve got my daytime family depending on my delivery I had to make it for tomorrow. So anyone out there following my blog, turn on your radio about 4:45 tomorrow and listen to a couple of hearts exchange thoughts about the upcoming ride. I’ve watched Don on channel 4 for more years than I’d like to admit but having the opportunity of talking with him personally is going to make my day. I’m not sure what the conversation will entail but hopefully I’ll get the word out that Minnesota has about 3 months to put their “hope” on paper as I ride across America. And to know that those hopes will find themselves in the hands of the unknown should give everyone a little smile on their faces:))

Meanwhile we’re still scraping the bottom of any barrel we can find to come up with the funds to ensure we make it across the country and I don’t find myself begging to make my house payment when I get back. I have faith in the Almighty that missing pieces will find there way into this effort though. And my faith has never left me wondering why?

Another thing that changed today was our plans to put magnetic lettering on the RV to indicate the organizations that I’ll be representing. I keep thinking that those organizations should have offered something for the representation but then I caught myself. I’m not representing any organization but rather the hope in the hearts of all the individuals that make up those groups. It’s sometimes hard not to ask for more than one deserves so I’ll just keep on begging. I’m not a proud man. Just one that has the opportunity of showing everyone that you don’t have to be a “someone” to make a difference. And I know we have enough together to get me out to Seattle WA and back to Minnesota and God willing, we’ll have enough to make it to D.C. and back! And the good thing about the whole thing is that I still have my job as a Letter Carrier when I return. I’m proud to be one of those that make an organization worthy of their name! The lettering on the RV will just be stick on now but will still say who’s on board!

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