A Man amongst men

The privilege was mine:)

Today offered a new dimension on my quest for the hopes of all. I was allowed the privilege of speaking with Don Shelby on his radio talk show today and although I felt a bit timid with the thought beforehand, I found a comfort with the man. I believe I presented myself as completely as time allowed and felt good when the mike was turned off. Most likely better because I had the chance to introduce myself in a special way. Person to person. Now I have another friend with so much hope in his heart that perhaps I gave him another way to spread the warmth in his own.

I’m not asking a lot from whoever I touch and today, with the help of Don, I believe we’ve touched many. So the ripple of hope doesn’t have to start in Seattle WA when I begin my journey. I can take it with me from St. Paul and have a headstart when I get there. I’m already looking forward to July 3rd when I return home after conquering the first half of the country!

I’d better end this for now because tomorrow is a day off and I’ve got many things on my agenda. 2 more working days and I’ll begin to give all of you something to believe in. Yourselves!!

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