A Little Weary

Where am I?

I’ve got to use red here because I think the heat has gotten to my head.  Not only the heat but the lack of people on the roads I’m riding.
When we went into Lemmon S. Dakota we weren’t able to find a place to park the RV so we merely parked and tried to find sleep.  We had scheduled a day off there with the hopes of joining an Indian celebration but found that there had been a misunderstanding on the dates of that celebration.  We were a week late.  The this morning we decided to get ahead of ourselves and pick up some miles.  But then again we couldn’t find a place to lay it down.  I couldn’t believe this desolate country.  I had ridden almost 100 miles and counted less than 20 cars passing me by on the road.  Though it gave me some solitude it got old.  When we reached McIntosh I was exhausted and once again found nothing to ease my pain.  So I have to make the admittance that I blew off almost 40 miles to find some comfort in Mobridge S.D..  I was able to hook up with John on the radio here and he gave me a chance to talk with Mobridge and let them know I wanted their “hope” on paper.  Now I’ve got over 100 miles to Aberdeen and I’m going to take it as it comes.  I do know that Joan and I will find comfort in Aberdeen so we’re anxious to get there even if we arrive early. 
  I’m getting a little confused and tired at the same time as I’m finishing this first half of the country.  I just know 1 thing for sure.  When I finally ride into St. Paul on the 3rd of July, I will have earned the right to relax!!

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