On the road and searching for internet!!

Been a long couple of days, but St. Paul and home are in sight:)

Let’s just say that the old and familiar highway 12 has not been real kind to us the last few days! We’ve had to punt on where we’ve stopped for the day for most of the week—I should have done better research, I guess, but so it goes. We’re still spreading hope and searching for internet when we can find it. Tough to do, as is finding anywhere to either camp or a motel even. Little tiny towns with either no lodging or lodging way above our budget!

But we’re hanging in there and looking forward to a few days in Aberdeen. Our RV park there does not have internet either, so we’ll have to pack up the laptop, hop on the bikes and search for it. I’ve got pics to download, but as I’m typing outside and running on batteries, it’ll have to wait until I’m in a better place.

Been a windy couple of days for riding, but the shoulder’s been wide and smooth, so that’s good!! We’ve talked to people along the way, getting the word out and spreading the hope.

We’ll be home in just over a week and we’re both looking forward to our own bed, seeing our kitty and catching up with friends and family. We left just over a month ago, and though it’s been good, we’re ready for a little break before embarking on the second half of our journey.

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