A quiet day and an easy one…

Gary had an easy ride this morning and now we’re in Billings until Sunday morning….

It was a shorter day of riding with cloudy skies threatening rain on the way into Billings, but then it cleared off and we’re left with a beautiful afternoon. As we were on the western edge of Billings, we stopped at the Yellowstone Girls and Boys Ranch where they have 200 kids a week there for camp. Gary left some cards and info with them and they’ll run it by their executive board—it’d be great if they decide to have the kids write letters.

Then just as we were stopping to stock up on groceries, the phone rang and it was Ed from the Billings Gazette, so we set up a time to meet with him. We settled in at the KOA—our second time here since we stayed here on the way out to Seattle as well. It’s a beautiful campground right on the Yellowstone River with great people and a great atmosphere! Ed and his photographer came here shortly after we checked in and Gary did an interview so that’s good—getting the word out!!

Now we’re into relaxation and spreading hope for the weekend. Gary’s out fishing and I’m catching up on bill-paying, pictures, reading and just relaxing. We’re very close to downtown so we’ll bike into town several times over the weekend I’m sure.

It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve touched a piano—wondering if I still know how to play! We did bring my keyboard along, so I’m thinking I’ll get it out since we’re here for a couple of days. I’ll see if I still know where middle C is! This is the longest I’ve gone without playing in several years.

This is also the most time that Gary and I have spent together in a long time—and I have to say it’s absolutely wonderful! We know each other so well, but yet we keep learning more every day—and even though it’s been almost 7 years since we met, we grow more in love each day too. We laugh together over silly things, we talk about “deep” stuff and incredibly mundane things. We’ve adapted very well to life in the RV (Betsy). Thankfully we’re both pretty low-maintenance, and we’ve made ourselves a comfortable home for the summer!

Ok….going to check out the pool….we’ll see what hope we can find here in Billings!!! I’m sure there’s lots!

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