In Billings Montana

A chance to tell all in Billings

The morning started out with a cast of my fishing rod into the Yellowstone River and the calm in the mountains surrounding it:)  A great way to start the day.  When I got back to the RV there had been a call received that I returned immediately.  It was from Scott Beadle with KULR-8 Television.  Scott and his good partner just left our site with the ability to let those in Billings know about the opportunity of putting their “hope” on paper and into space.  It’s a television opportunity and I’m grateful for the chance to share my endeavor with Billings through KULR-8 TV.  And Scott, I’m holding you to your word that you’ve got hope in your heart and will documented it for us!  Now it’s just a relaxing day with the golf that I miss a bit.

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