An afternoon of ??

It was a relaxing day and the first in a while.  I spent most of it on the Yellowstone River with my rod in hand and the sun shining down.  Although I only caught 3 and released them, the 3 hours under the sun was great and so relaxing.  Now I’m ready for getting back on the road tomorrow with a long day ahead of me.  Almost 80 miles of backroads and the weather doesn’t sound promising but I’ll take it as it comes.  Just knowing that I’m a little closer to home each and every day on the bike puts a smile on my face:) 
  We did our best here in Billings Montana with an article in the Gazzette and a spot on KULR-8 TV.  Hopefully we’ll draw a bit more hope from the folks in Billings and thank them for the hospitality!  It was a good old relaxing weekend.  Now another week presents the same goal as the last three.  Hope for a better tomorrow!

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