We’ve had a quiet couple of days and are getting ready to ride again…

We’ve had a good couple of days with the television coverage and newspaper interview. Gary’s done some fishing and I’ve been doing some reading (thanks again for the books, Carolyn!!). We’ve got two really long days of riding ahead—-tomorrow is almost 80 miles and Monday is 75+. Hopefully the weather will be good to us and the road will be smooth!

Not much else—-we enjoyed the Billings KOA immensely! I did quite a bit of biking yesterday….rode into town twice. We were at the post office this morning for Gary to talk to the carriers. Not sure exactly where we’ll end up tomorrow night—can’t find any rv park in my search of the internet, so we’ll play it by ear. So if you don’t “hear” from us Sunday, it’s because we’ve got no internet!! But then Monday we’ll be in Miles City at the KOA, so we know we’ll be covered there.

I’ve got a few pictures to post, but not too many. I’ll try and get those posted soon.

Hope everyone is having a great summer—can’t believe June is half gone!!

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