In the eyes of a stranger       “

Today started out well as I was allowed to present myself on the radio with Gary in Livingston.  Thanks Gar for the opportunity of letting your listeners know that the hope they have in their heart can mean something more!  I’m so grateful when I have the chance to reach more than I can on my own.  And we followed it up with a talk with my fellow carriers and once again my “family” grew by another 7 or so.
  The day was a beautiful one with a calm wind and a frontage road to ride on.  Joan even went out of her way to stop ahead and take her bike off so I’d have to let her ride.  I just knew she’d be there waiting with bike in hand though.  I couldn’t blame her.  It was nice out.  She put in about 6 and I got back on to continue.  As I was clipping along I looked to my left and saw a group of bushes along side the road.  What caught my eye was someone behind them.  I stopped and went back and to my amazement, there was a man feeding himself from a can.  I assume that he’d laid it down there for the night and I tried to talk with him.  He didn’t understand me at all.  I went back to the road and called Joan asking her to come back.  When she arrived I went into the RV and pulled out a couple cans of food and pears and a box of crackers.  I went back down the grade and offered what I had to the man.  His eyes lit just a bit and he said gracias.  My response was de nada!  Once again I felt “hope” in my heart that the man would find more peace in his own life.  That’s where my HOPE is.  That everyone could find a peace within their own lives and a comfort that doesn’t exist now.  I know it’s asking for a lot, but as my father always said as I grew into manhood, “You can’t get a no without asking!”  Now it’s time to relax as we’ve spotted another KOA with water to dive into!!

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