the best day yet!!

WOW….we just had the best evening ever….

Gary already wrote about his riding day, and the day just kept getting better from there! We’ve got a radio spot lined up for the morning and a stand-up with the carriers as well.

But the best part of the day—-Chris Benden our letter carrier contact in Livingston called us this afternoon as we were out biking around town and said that he and his family would come pick us up and take us to Yellowstone. It was a great evening! Chris and Julie and their kids, Denise, Jamie and Joshua provided us with an experience we’ll never forget. We stopped for the biggest cheeseburgers I’ve ever seen at Helen’s in Gardiner and then proceeded to the park. WOW!! It’ll take me a day or so to get the pictures downloaded, but the views, the waterfalls, and the animals were amazing. Let’s just say I’ve got pics of a bear and a bison. And Gary was less than 4 feet away from the bison!! The scenery was spectacular!!!! Chris and Julie had both worked in Yellowstone so were incredibly knowledgeable about the park. And the company was terrific!!! Benden family—you ROCK!!!!! We had a marvelous time and will always remember your kindness and generosity 🙂

Gotta hit the hay for now because we’ve got a long riding day ahead….

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