From Chicago

left good friends behind:(

Before I begin with the thoughts about today I’ve got to thank Norm and Vicki for dinner in Madison.  You guys are part of what makes the world go round. 
  But now I’ve got to say “Chicago – You’re a Great Town”.  But I’m saying that because of the 500 carriers I met today before leaving.  These brothers and sisters are truly the family I’m proud to be a part of.
You know I think I met more fellow carriers today than I have since I left Seattle WA and my family grew because of the hope in their hearts.  I think I got the word out as I asked for them to be “stars” in the eyes of their children by taking my endeavor home and telling the kids they had a brother that can put their “hopes” into the heavens with the help of NASA.  
  But now it’s time to get back on the TREK and head out of town.  I get a little anxious when I’ve got a day off but Chicago, you made it worth every minute in your fine town.  Thanks to Jimmy for the lodging and the protection you provided though I’ve got someone else watching out for me you know!  And to Mark for making me a part of the Postal Pride that I do my best to carry as I journey to D.C.
  We’re just into Indiana for the night and tomorrow begins another state with thousands that have “hope” in their hearts for something better.  Put it on paper because you’ve got your personal “mailman” to send it into space~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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