Art, Groceries, Golf and Laundry….

We had a good day off in Madison…

It’s been a beautiful weekend here in Madison. This morning, Bill Rogers, the Wisconsin state NALC president, picked us up at the KOA and took us to the square in downtown Madison where they were having the annual Art Fair on the Square. Lots to look at and lots of people. We did make a couple of media contacts while we were there too. Then he let us use his car for the day. We got some groceries which were needed. We brought our microwave along for the second half, so we’re good to go!!

It’s been a quiet afternoon….laundry, dishes, watching golf and relaxing. Gary will clean up the bikes and then we’ll call it a day. I finally am close to caught up on pictures and blogging. I’ve got some research to do for upcoming stops, some emails to return, etc.

We’re on our way tomorrow morning. Gary’s got a radio interview, then is speaking at the main post office and then we’re heading out. It’s our last day in Wisconsin, and then we’re into Illinois which is basically Chicago for us. Things are being set up there which is a great help!!

That’s all for now….

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