On the home stretch…

We’ll be rolling out of Pittsburgh in the morning and entering the home stretch into Washington, D.C

Ok….so I’ve been bad about blogging for the last week. My apologies, but Gary’s been keeping you all posted and here’s my take on it finally.

We finished our stay in Cleveland with the Ohio NALC state convention. Got to see the city a little bit, see the waterfront and then into the convention. The reception we received was incredible from Rich’s welcome as we pulled up in Betsy, to Gary’s reception as he spoke, Dennis’s kindness, and including us in the event! The monies we were given by both the state and the individuals were truly a godsend—-there are not words enough to express our gratitude! Ohio ROCKS beyond belief:)

We went to the Indians/Twins game on Friday night with the NALC. It was nice to be in an outdoor stadium. The Twins were getting trounced when we left after the 5th inning. But we needed to head out to get back out of Cleveland and make up the day we had switched. We ended up pulling over in a parking lot and had a very hot, humid short night. Then we started out for Pennsylvania.

The countryside has changed once again—-back into the hills and mountains we come! I also remarked to Gary that it was like we stepped back in time as well with the age of the buildings and the architecture….very cool.

We arrived in Pittsburgh on Sunday and John McDowell and his wife Peggy greeted us with open arms….taking us out for lunch and then driving us through parts of town before taking us to our lovely hotel. Branch 84 put us up in style and comfort, that’s for sure—-THANK YOU!!

During the time we spent in Pittsburgh, Gary talked to the carriers at 6 stations which was good. We did some biking, some walking around, exploring and a whole lot of relaxing! These are our last days off until we finish in Washington the end of next week.

I’m still working on the route for the next few days—-John provided us with guidance and maps on trails that Gary can ride on, which will keep him from the big mountain climbs…a good thing! It just means a little creativity on my part to meet up with him along the way and figuring out where we’ll stop for the night. I’ve got lots of pictures to get up as well.

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