Into the mountains?

Straightland ahead:)

Before I talk about getting back on the road tomorrow and heading for Harrisburg, there’s thanks I must send to those here in Pittsburgh that have made our visit so pleasant.  First of all my thank goes to John McDowell and all the letter carriers I spoke with over the past two days.  All of you gave me confirmation that my family with the letter carriers across the country, goes far beyond anything I could have been greeted with as I find calm in the night after riding through the days.  You all show me that it was more than worth my effort to begin this endeavor and continue to gather the hopes of everyone.
  And I got a great message today.  I don’t have to ride through the mountains to reach Washington D.C. as I did 20 years ago.  Now there’s bike trails that I can ride across Pennsylvanie and into Maryland and D.C.,  And you can’t imagine the relief this old body feels, knowing the hardship is gone.  Now I can finally enjoy the ride and cruise to my destination.  Again I have to thank John for opening my eyes about a new way to reach Washington D.C.

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