Riding into the wind…

A beautiful, sunny day, but a windy one!

The morning came sunny and bright and we got our day started. As Gary was unhooking us, a gentleman named Dean came up and started chatting….and ended up taking many cards and giving us a donation to help with our expenses—THANK YOU!!

We went to the Edison St. post office and talked to the carriers there. Tony Flora, the Indiana state NALC president had set everything up for us which was great—we then followed him to the main post office downtown for talk number two of the morning. Tony—you rock!!

We drove to the edge of town and picked up highway 20 to continue east on our ride for the day. The temps were lovely and the sun shining, but the wind was definitely against us!! I rode a couple of short shifts for about 6 miles total, and Gary fought the wind for the rest of it. But the shoulder was nice and wide.

I didn’t realize how large an Amish community there is in northern Indiana. At one point while I was riding, I had a buggy behind me and I had to pass another one!

We’re now settled in for the day at the Circle B Campground just outside Angola. Very busy place! It’s our last night in Indiana and tomorrow we cross into Ohio, and three weeks from now our ride will be done…so if you haven’t written your letter of hope yet, better get on it 🙂

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