From the heart

Just a look down the road~~

I think it’s time to talk a little about personal thoughts on the mountain I’ve conquered.  I’ve only 22 days left before I ride into Washington D.C. and I’m beginning to think about where to go from there?  I’ve been eligible to retire for the past 6 months but am so grateful that it’s not mandatory.  Because I love the job I have, delivering the importance and the nonsense for the U.S.Post Office
My customers have become my “daytime family” over the last 20 years and I’ve watched some go from diapers to college.  It’s been such a pleasure serving them each and every day.  But as I look at the world around me with so many difficulties and good things as well, I want to do more.  I realize that I’m not Bill Gates or someone that can devote all his time in making a difference, but I do know that I have so much compassion and strength in my heart, I feel I could do more.  So I’m taking this time to let any of those that have come along for this ride across the country and into my heart, to know that I’d love to do something else for my living.  I believe I could allow some to live their lives more completely and find a comfort within themselves.  And does that open a lot of doors~~~~~~~~or I “hope” so~~~~~~~~.  I’m also in no hurry to change the routine that keeps my bills paid and provides those little chances to change things, but God willing I’ll find a way to do more!  Stay tuned~~~~~~~~~~~

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