a sense of place and history…

We’re in Gettysburg for the weekend and it has set me to thinking a lot about history, geography and people….

As we’ve traveled east, I’m more enveloped in a sense of history and importance of place. We spent some time this morning going through the monuments, battlefields, etc. of Gettysburg and you could truly feel the history, the lives lost, and the importance of the place.

I’ve learned so much this summer, the most important thing being that I really know very little about a lot. As we travel through this country, I realize I should have paid more attention in history class and in geography class in junior high and high school. But as a 7th grader, the world was very small to me and I couldn’t fathom traveling to any of the places we studied. Even though my world has gotten much bigger, it has also gotten much smaller—-and the people we’ve met have all affirmed that.

Those of you reading that know me, know that I am a voracious reader…mostly all novels—mysteries, romance, etc. But after this summer of travel, I have a renewed interest in reading and studying more about the history of America, learning more about its peoples, the geography and anthropology that makes us what we are…..to “relearn” what I should have learned many years ago!

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