So close….and yet so hot!

One more day of riding left and our journey is almost over….

We’ve had a fabulous 10 days in Pennsylvania! All the people we’ve met and the kindnesses that have been shown to us have been overwhelming:)

Special thanks to Rich Wilson from Branch 500 for taking care us while we were in Gettysburg and Harrisburg—Rich, you ROCK!! And to Mark and Bill and Sean (sorry if I spelled it wrong!)….you guys are the best!

We’re in the midst of some incredibly hot weather this week and the riding has been difficult—-temps in the mid-90’s with a heat index of 100+ makes for a very hot Gary! Tomorrow is our last “official” day of riding with the trip from York to Baltimore. We’ll be loading up the bike in Baltimore and driving down to College Park to the campground which will be our base until Friday afternoon. Things are coming together for our finale and it will good.

We will be flying home late Friday night…looking forward to being home, but we’ll also feel a sense of loss as well, I’m sure. It’s been an all-encompassing summer…an amazing journey that I think will continue for several months yet in some aspects. I’ve got a few more pictures to add and will try and do that tomorrow, and then will add the photos I take in D.C. to that once we get home.

To everyone that has followed us along this summer, either for all or part of our journey—-we so greatly appreciate all the thoughts and prayers and emails of support that we have received. There aren’t enough words to express our thoughts, but we love you all!!

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