As of 12:30am Saturday, we are home…..

There are many pictures yet to be added, and a reflection of the ride itself, but it’s turning out that our “journey” is far from over. Though the actual bicycle ride is done, there are many opportunities and options to pursue to continue the project for the next several months.

But for now, it’s a weekend of relaxing, unloading Betsy once she gets here…Dan and Chuck flew out to DC to welcome us and they are driving Betsy home while we flew back.

We met with Bill Young, national president of the NALC at their headquarters yesterday. Susan Hageman from Moses Lake was there too which was great!! She was one of the first people we met in Washington state, so it was fitting that she was there to see us finish:)

Most of the rest of our day was spent at Dulles airport. It was far too hot for us to want to do any sight-seeing, so we took the bus to the airport and spent the afternoon relaxing there before flying out last night.

It’s very good to be home and both of us will be going back to work come Monday, but for now, we’re napping, watching the PGA championship and enjoying our home, our cat and each other!!

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