Back to work and more~~

There’s no place like home!

Today was the first day back to work and I’m grateful for having a job to come back to:)  Especially the one I take pride in as a letter carrier for the U.S. Post Office.  Though we had a bad storm on Saturday night, no one got hurt so that’s a blessing.  Hundreds of trees down all over my route. 
  I want to tell everyone that although my bicycle ride has ended, I’ll continue to gather the “Letter of Hope” from anyone that writes one and sends it to me.  I’ve had many teachers ask me a big question this summer.  Can I take this into my classroom when school resumes?  I’m telling them all to please do just that.  Now that I’ve put my energy forth to cross this country, I’m hoping that I’ve earned the privilege of gathering more hope each and every day.  I’m going back to Washington D.C. in September where I’ll have to opportunity to present the second part of my plan.  I’ll have the individuals there that are in a position to do more than just listen also.  If things work out the way I’d like, every school in America will have the chance to put their hopes on paper and send them into space.  If this happens there will be a great job of scanning all the letters to disc for NASA but I’ll be approaching Microsoft and Apple as well.  God willing, one of the two will look on it as a privilege to scan the hopes of America to disc.
Though there won’t be a blog with photo’s each day now, please check in from time to time so I can let you know how the plan is going!  Thanks and as they say in the space industry ~Gods speed~

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