An exciting week ahead!

Going back to childhood:)

Today I’m preparing to talk with thousand of children in my home town of St. Paul Minnesota.  I scheduled a week off from work to talk with all the kids possible in my home town and I’m anxious to put a smile on the kids faces as I offer them the chance of a lifetime.  I spent the entire summer gathering as much “hope” as I could and now it’s time to find the hope in the hearts of the children here in St. Paul. 
  I’ve got a full schedule all week long and will be speaking at 9 of the elementary schools.  I’m talking with the kids in each class and asking for them to put their dreams and wishes on paper.  Like I’m going to tell the kids, it’s “dreams and wishes” when you’re young and turns into “hope” when you grow up.  So I’m just going to give them the chance to dream on paper.  The special part of the whole thing is that those dreams and hopes are going into space!  I want to take this opportunity to thank Lewis Scott for making this possible.  Lewis is the Executive Director of the Elementary Education in St. Paul and believes as I do that the children are so important.  They are our future and it’s time to give them a chance to show how important they are. 
  This coming week will be my “final” effort to gather the hopes in the hearts of the children and I’ll be saddened when the week is over.  It will mark the conclusion of a 3 year effort to offer something special to the children.  Though I’ve done my very best to gather the hopes of everyone I could touch, I just can’t believe that it’s coming to an end.
But everything has to have an ending although the hopes in the hearts of mankind will never disappear and will continue to give strength to our society and guide us through the coming years.  I plan on taking photo’s of all the classes I’ll be speaking with this week and asking the kids if I can use those pictures to cover a complete wall in my home office.  I’ve got thousand of pictures from the trip across America and those that found my effort worthy of becoming involved in.  It will surely present more than just a memory for Joan and I. 
  I’ll come back and let you know how the week goes.  So as I’ve said so many times, stay tuned ~~~

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