Still reason to celebrate ~~

Now there’s the Big 3

I hope everyone had a great Christmas Holiday and celebrated with friends and family!  Joan and I are always grateful when we see the family together. 
  As for my mention of the Big 3 I’m excited to tell you that there’s been communication between the Department of Education, the Postal Service, and NASA and that puts 3 big organizations in place to present something special to the world.  As I told the Postal Alliance and Partnership representative, I’ve merely laid a seed of hope this past summer with my bicycle ride across America.  It’s up to the entities to take it a step further and they’ve decided to do just that.  I’m speaking to a group in Minneapolis this Thursday that has a connection to the education department.  Not sure what will come from it but knowing they have an interest gives me hope.  What I’m so anxious for is talking with the kids at 12 elementary schools at the end of the month.
They’re the kids in St. Paul that have hope in their hearts that the world changes before they become responsible for it.  I’m hoping to gather thousands of “Letters of Hope” from the kids and have promised to safeguard them until they’re taken into space.  I’m also going to impress on the kids that St. Paul may be the “pilot” for the nation should the Department of Education team up with the Post Office and NASA.  The pieces are in place for the kids to set an example for the world and one that won’t be forgotten but be treasured in the eyes of all.  If there’s anyone out there that’s following my effort and has any suggestions on how I could make this better, I’d appreciate your comments and suggestions.  After all I’m just a grandpa that bicycled across the country and gathered the hope that’s constant in the hearts of all America!  Thanks and stay tuned ~~

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