The kids in St. Paul

Saved the Best for Last!

It’s been a couple of weeks since I spoke last but I wanted to see how things worked out.  I spoke at 9 of the Elementary Schools here in St. Paul and gave another 2,000 kids that opportunity to put their hopes on paper and send them into space.  I have to say that I was delighted when I walked into these schools and the kids met me knowing my name already.  A DVD was sent to the schools prior to my arrival so the kids knew me before I got there and that was special for me!
  Now their letters of hope are pouring in.  I’ve given them until the end of March to get their letters to me and then the scanning begins.
My people in Washington D.C. are sending an invitation to NASA to partner up and when I receive confirmation I’ll be approaching a local entity to do the scanning.  An organization that already works with NASA.  So I’ll be able to keep the letters of hope at home and safeguard them until they’re scanned to disc.  I’ve done my best to gather the hopes of so many here in St. Paul and across the nation and now my job is completed.  Now it’s up to NASA and the U.S. Postal System to send these hopes into the heavens.  I do have a plan to give the kids confirmation when their hopes go into space.  I hoping to have 1 of the astronauts visit those 9 schools before the end of the school year but I have to come up with per diem and lodging and the flight cost.  So I’m not done yet.  I’ve instilled something special in the hearts of the kids and that’s one thing I hoped I could do.  So I’ve almost completed my mission!  Stay tuned as we find the means to put the hopes of our children into the heavens!!

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