So much “Hope”

Taught by a child ~~~

With the realization that I haven’t written in some time, I send my apologies!  But I’ve been filling my heart with the written hopes of the children down the street.  And up the street for that matter because I’m speaking of the letters I’ve received from my hometown children.  I’ve received thousands and each tells a story about the little hearts that hope for more.  What amazes me most is that the kids aren’t hoping for themselves.  You’d have to read them with me to understand but they’re all just asking that the world learns to live in peace.  And the pain that far too many suffer is eliminated.  So few are hoping to find richness and popularity.  They just want the chance to become adults and be part of a world they believe is good. 

  With all that I witness in the world in which I walk,the harshness disappears when I read the letters of hope.  And that places peace in my mind because it tells me that the world is in good hands.  The future that our children will hold, and mold, will be one that allows them to be their best.  And God knows we’ll need their best ~~!
  I’m awaiting letters from 5 schools to end my quest in gathering the hopes I knew existed and when they reach me, the scanning work will begin.  I’m not sure how long or hard this task will be but I can assure all that it will be completed.  My goal is to have the hopes of the children ready for space in September.  Stay tuned ~~~

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