I was honored!

Close to the Heavens

My apologies for not writing sooner but I’ve been so busy scanning all the letters of hope and making arrangements for them to be taken into space.  But the scanning job is finished.  A copy of the digital stick has been sent to Houston and received and 2 letters have been written to NASA, requesting their help to take these hopes into the heavens.  President Bill Young has sent his request to Mr. Griffin on the 12th and will be followed up by one from the United States Postal Service next Wednesday.  Then it will be left in the hands of NASA.
  I was honored on the 18th.  My name had been submitted as one of 120 to receive an award for Federal Service.  I assumed that it would be a plaque and dinner and the opportunity to be in the midst of so many that go beyond their normal to contribute to the community.  After all 120 nominees receive a plaque to honor their service, 5 names were read.  Mine was among them.  And then 1 name was called and it was mine.  Federal Civil Servant of the Year 2007 – Community!  It was an honor to receive the impressive trophy.  But my effort is not completed.  I’ll only find fruition when the disc is aboard the shuttle and all of those that etched their hope on paper, are informed that their hope is on board when the shuttle leaves the face of the earth.
  The catastophic disaster on December 26, 2004 began my effort to gather the hopes of all.  The earthquake in China and the tornadoes across the country continue to give evidence that the world continues to depend on the hope in their hearts.  These disasters are out of our hands and we truly need to look beyond ourselves.  The condition in our world is presenting so much hurt to so many, so join me with the Hope in your Hearts!!
  I’m asking NASA to confirm their help in takin the hopes of so many into the heavens.  I’ll let everyone know when that task it at hand and ready for launch.  I’ll add something I believe is special before ending this note.  I have made copies of many of the “Letters of Hope” and Lt. Beldon has promised to have them taken to the troops in Iraq.  I want those men and women serving to protect our country to read the hopes and dreams of the children.
  Now that I’m back in my “think tank” while delivering the mail each and every day, I need to continue giving to my community and country.  I’m not sure what I’ll get started on next, so as I’ve said throughout this effort ~~~~~~~~~stay tuned!

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