Coasted 6, Pedaled 6

It was a warm, beautiful day and the riding was good!

We started out the day at 7:15am in Ellensburg taking the Vantage Highway east. Some hills, lots of curves and a nice quiet road. As we got closer to the Columbia River valley/crossing, I got the chance to bike for the first time….and what a ride it was! I basically got to coast for 6 miles down toward the river. I figured I should at least pedal a little so I could say I got some exercise.

Then I let Gary ride up the hill out of the valley, but he did well even with the high temps. We grabbed some lunch in George as we crossed I-90. We stopped back into the Shady Tree to say hi to Nancy and Leon, and then I got to ride some more. This time a 6 mile stretch on flat roads, so it was a good ride for me. We rode the rest of the way into Moses Lake, with a couple little “detours” where AAA had routed us down gravel/dirt roads….couldn’t do those, so had to adapt, but no biggie.

Got to Moses Lake, touched base at the post office, went to the Columbia Basin Herald and met with Crystal about doing a newspaper article and also stopped in at the radio station.

We’re relaxing in our RV park for the evening….cooling down and kicking back!

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