Relaxing in Spokane!

Back online after being without internet yesterday….finds us in Spokane for the weekend…

We’ve had a good two days with lots of miles ridden, more people met, more hopes gathered, and now we’re in Spokane where we’ll be until Monday morning!

We were without internet last night, so I’ll try and get everybody up to date, and I’ll download a bunch more pictures soon. We had a good send-off in Moses Lake on Friday morning—Gary got to talk to the crew at the post office and then we set out. Pretty easy riding for the most part, but there were some good-sized rolling hills. Lots of sunshine and lots of heat! I got to ride a little bit a couple of times so Gary could get cooled off, and I could get some sun 🙂

We had been extremely hot on Thursday night in Moses Lake, so we bought a little window air conditioner before we left.

We got to Sprague mid-afternoon and found a lovely RV park right on the lake—-just gorgeous!! Thanks Susan for telling us about it!! We installed the air conditioner and were much happier campers. It was a quiet evening…just relaxed and talked to a few of the other people staying there.

This morning we were up and going early to beat the heat. The riding was good and yet another type of scenery as we got closer to Spokane. I took us a little astray in Cheney (turned too soon), but caught my mistake fairly quickly—-Gary ended up riding about 4 extra miles. We did make it into Spokane, and once we hit the “busy” city streets, we loaded up the bike and drove to the post office on Riverside and also stopped at one of the television stations. Then we headed east of town a bit to the KOA. Stopped at the grocery store on the way, and I got my hair cut at Super Cuts by Liberty Lake (I think that’s where we were), anyway…Aimee, I love my hair cut and am glad you’re going to write letters!

We’re settled in at the KOA now, just updating things, emailing television and newspaper media, etc. I need to get ahead on the media alerting, so trying to do that as well.

We’ll be “off” tomorrow, staying in Spokane and I’m sure we’ll take the bikes out and ride into downtown and check it out!

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