1 week down

The Cascades are behind me.

It’s a Saturday night and all is well.  Though the temps could be back in the 80’s which would make it a little more tolerable.  But tomorrow it’s suppose to be 100 so I’m glad the week is done and Joan and I can relax by the pool on Sunday. 
  I’ve had some time to reflect these past two days as the ride has been easier and the scenery has been beautiful.  More rolling hills with some great down hill rides:)  I always like the ride down after going up.  What I’m the most impressed with is the response we get from all that we’re able to touch each day.  There’s absolutely no one that doesn’t think this is a great thing to do.  I believe that everyone is just grateful to see something positive coming into their lives.  And having the ability of putting their hopes somewhere special makes them feel important, which they are.  Another thing that pleases me to no end is that we’re talking with those just like ourselves.  Just the normal folks living day by day and making the best of them.  There’s no “stars” or celebreties (did I spell that right?) just everyday people with hearts as big as gold. 
  And there’s a lot of hits on the web site which tells me that we’re getting the word out as best we can.  But that’s what the summer is all about.  Touching as many people in this great country as we can and asking them to put their hopes on paper to show the unity amongst us all.  Before signing off tonight, again I have to thank God for my Joan!
She’s such a big part of what we’re doing this summer.  She’s got the brains behind the effort.  I’ve got the compassion.  And we’ve both got the heart to lend to all.  “Hope” everyone out there is going well as we push into what sounds like a “hot” summer.  The only bad thing about it is that you can only take so much off.  Us Minnesotans like being able to put clothes on to handle the cold!  But we will adapt and the hope in the hearts of America will find it’s way into the heavens!

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