A little disappointed:(

Today was a relaxing day but a little disappointing.  Joan and I found a bike shop to replace a mirror that I broke and found a good breakfast.  Then we got on the bikes and took the bike trail up towards Spokane.  It was 95 so the heat kept us from stopping though we did to enjoy the beauty of the river and cooled ourselves as we sat in wonder at its’ banks. 
  The disapointment comes from not hearing from any of those we approached with our effort.  Not the individuals but the media which is so important to get the word out to those living in this gorgeous area.  I know that there are hearts full of hope and only wish that we could have touched them with our effort.  But tomorrow is another day as we head out to Coeur d’Alene.  We’ll continue to carry ourselves with open hearts full of hope for a better tomorrow for everyone.

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