A beautiful day for a bike ride!

Clear skies, lots of sun and good roads for riding….a marvelous Monday!

We started the day as always at the PO…good bunch of carriers at the Butte station and thanks Jim for hooking us up with talk time!

We headed out about 8:30ish and the riding was good. Nice roads and once the initial mountain pass was crossed, it was fairly even road. We got into Three Forks and had a lovely lunch and now we’re relaxing at the KOA. I went for a bike ride (since I didn’t log any miles), and Gary went fishing but didn’t catch anything.

Our cell phones rang almost simultaneously and on Gary’s was a reporter for a newspaper in Kellogg, ID and I had a reporter from the Livingston newspaper. So word is getting out which is great!

We’ll be grilling for supper and enjoying a peaceful evening to end the day:)

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