In Livingston

Almost my high time speed

Talk about a beautiful day:)  I started from Bozeman this morning because of a lengthly ride yesterday.  We were scheduled to stay in Three Forks but there were no available connections there.  So I rode a little extra to find the connections in Bozeman.  And I’m glad I did because we stayed at a lovely KOA that had all we needed to make commentary on the day. 
  We woke to almost 60 degrees this morning and sunshine that was so great to see.  And only having 32 miles to ride was a blessing.  I have to say it was my best riding day so far.  After 20 miles of straightness I found myself going down 11 miles into Livingston that brought back the kid in me.  I hit 47mph down one of the hills and my wife Joan was even amazed as she had to work to pass me. 
  We’ve managed to speak with Peter with the newspaper and Gary with the radio to help us tomorrow to get the word out to Livingston about our endeavor and the hope we intend on gathering here.  I’ll be on the radio tomorrow at 7:50 in the morning and then will be talking with my fellow carriers at the P.O. annex.  Thanks Livingston for being the kind of town I’d be proud to call my own!  If I didn’t have to bicycle 3 more weeks to find mine:)  I’ll talk with you all later!

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